85 Gorgeous Bathroom Ideas That Will Spark a Beeline to the Loo

The small wood stool and potted plant in the shower add an extra welcoming touch. The airy, gray color palette brings an invigorating feel to this bathroom without being overwhelming. Personal touches like the small potted plants and framed print add a relaxed feel while still enhancing the bathroom’s design. This bathroom design is all things delicate, from the crochet hand towels to the matching bronze sconces. To add an extra soft touch, mini vases filled with fresh, colorful florals sit on the sconces. It’s an easy and unexpected way to add color, and you can change out the florals for each season.

  • Quite the opposite, it’s sometimes useful to opt for dominant shades that can be enhanced by a significant dose of another color.
  • The brass pegs contrast beautifully with the black metal wall feature to create a stunning focal point in the bathroom.
  • It’s designed to support professionals like you in efficiently creating detailed bathroom designs that impress clients.
  • Give a simple powder room a current feel with a modern mirror, like this space from Desiree Burns Interiors.

You don’t want to be hanging over the side of the tub to reach for your bathtime potions. Choose an elegant table to house a pretty display of soap and lotion dispensers. This plain grey and white minimalist bathroom receives a lift from a couple of strawberry red towels, which pay bright contrast to the green of a flourishing Snake plant. However, the waterfall faucet certainly does add to its splendour.

Neutral Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bespoke Bathrooms creates signature bathrooms for clients in Cape Town and its surrounds. Whether it’s residential, retail or the hospitality industry, our approach is uncompromising – combining best design principles and high quality products to deliver the truly exceptional. In addition to general lighting, task lighting should be provided for each functional area in the bathroom . A walk-in shower with room for drying off keeps water contained in one area and reduces wet floors. A separate toilet area improves privacy and offers a dedicated spot to store bathroom essentials. Closing off a small compartment for the toilet provides extra privacy while maintaining the decorative appeal of the space.

  • Ambient lighting radiates a soft glow, wood finishes emit warmth, and the green floral wallpaper brings the entire room to life; together, these elements have a cocooning effect.
  • As seen in this bathroom designed by Shawn Henderson, cork is a visually surprising material, but its benefits extend far more than cosmetics.
  • The homeowners added plenty of lighting and a small window in the door to allow some natural light to filter in and give the compact space some breathing room.
  • A large white orchid in a hammered gold-toned pot gives the room a luxury hotel feel.
  • It’s also useful for creating basic cost estimates and reports, which are valuable for contractors and real estate agents.

Sometimes the best way to maximize the perception of space in a bathroom is through clever use of design finishes. For a streamlined modern look, tile all surfaces in the same hue, like this bathroom design from Brophy Interiors. In a long and narrow corridor-style bathroom, be sure to leave the central alleyway clear for ease of circulation and to keep sightlines clear.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Every Design Style, Space, and Budget

When selecting assistive devices and accessories, consult with professionals or occupational therapists who specialize in accessible bathroom design. They can provide valuable guidance tailored to your specific needs and preferences. In addition to the low threshold, it’s important to ensure that the shower area is spacious enough to maneuver comfortably. A minimum clear floor space of 36 inches by 36 inches is recommended to allow for easy movement. Installing a shower seat or bench is also beneficial for individuals who require a place to sit while showering.

  • If the room is square or the door is in the middle of the long wall, you’ll want to split up the pieces.
  • You can also adjust the camera height and aperture to get wide-angle view of your bathroom or zoom in to see details close-up.
  • You can soak in a clawfoot tub, enjoy a relaxing hot shower, and indulge in your favorite skincare routine.
  • Neva Interior Design paired the multicolored floor tile with a pink square tile backsplash, white walls and furniture, and brass accents for a bright, modern feel in this Parisian space.