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Try them in the bathroom as well, alone or mixed with other tiles depending on your style. Furthermore, they can be situated anywhere from dining tables as centerpieces to bedside tables for that pastoral touch. Moreover, you can take the DIY route, adding a personalized touch to your decor.

  • Tote home a handful of paint chips or strips in the same color range, and tack them on the wall.
  • Mary Patton Design finished this ’80s-inspired bedroom with floral throw pillows that echo the silver bouquet-shaped lamp bases in this springlike bedroom.
  • The blue lacquered cabinet Lisa Tharp used in the living room of this Boston apartment is a perfectly chic option for hiding that big black rectangle from visitors.
  • Incorporating both rough and smooth textures adds interest to an interior, especially when you choose a simple color palette.

Leave it to Cory DeFrancisco, the principal designer of Muskoka Living, to outfit his kitchen with woven cotton island lights that resemble a quintessential cottage cable-knit sweater. Try painting the legs of your kids’ crafts table a juicy popsicle-inspired color like watermelon or raspberry. “It’s much harder working on my own garden,” says landscape designer Meredyth Hilton of Toronto firmArtistic Gardens. Here, she used plush seating and a wooden trough filled with perennials to form a comfortable and approachable seating area. A weathered ceiling brings the feel of al fresco dining indoors .

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Turn a woven basket into a side table by setting it between two accent chairs and placing a small tray on top. Stone vessels are everywhere in rustic homes and add a storied touch to any nook. Rustic spaces generally lean more maximalist in nature and feature bits and bobs galore. There is always room for another small canister or vase—the more whimsical a piece is in style, the better. Forage in your backyard for some tall branches, and place them in a favorite pitcher to add a bit of life to your entryway without even spending a penny.