Bathroom Design Tips & Ideas


Its user-friendly approach and easy to create 3D views are nice for new designers and homeowners who want to visualize their ideas. But it might not be for you if you’re working on professional interior projects like bathrooms. RoomSketcher stands out for its user-friendly interface and features that cater to real estate professionals, interior decorators and DIY enthusiasts.


By providing more space, they help avoid those clumsy moments and make showering easier. No more banging elbows into the shower screen or stubbing toes into the tub. Steam showers generally take up more space so they’re not suitable for all bathroom remodel projects. They also need to be completely enclosed with a watertight door, making them cost significantly more than a standard shower.

Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Have you ever waited anxiously in line to use the bathroom while the opposite-gender restroom sat empty? Allowing anyone to use an all-gender restroom cuts down on the waiting time disparity by letting people use whichever restroom has a stall available. They need shared sinks, and each toilet must have a private compartment. Gender neutral restrooms are now code-compliant due to an upcoming change in the International Plumbing Code. Here’s how that affects you as a designer – and how you can create restrooms that are beautiful, efficient and equitable. An online room planner will allow you to swap out different fixtures, styles, and accessories in the room to find the ones that you want.

  • Installing under cabinet lights will add more lighting to your modern small bathroom ideas as it will also part of your bathroom lighting.
  • A dark vanity becomes the main focal point in this simple bathroom.
  • This type of flooring helps prevent slips and falls, providing stability and support for everyone, especially individuals with mobility issues.
  • In a long and narrow corridor-style bathroom, be sure to leave the central alleyway clear for ease of circulation and to keep sightlines clear.