Complete Guide to Bathroom Design & Bathroom Trends 2023


Full bathrooms sometimes feature a dual vanity for that extra touch of convenience. To achieve a Scandinavian bathroom design focus on clean lines, minimalism, and functionality. Use wood materials in a lighter tone, such as white stained oak for your vanity or shelving. Your room should be clutter-free and include light neutral tones along with modern practical fixtures and fittings. For a zen-style bathroom think peace, calm, minimalism, and meditation.


If you go for an upholstered piece, make sure it is water- and mold-resistant. If you have the room, keep the different areas in the bathroom separate with high dividing walls. Put a dividing wall between the bathtub and the toilet to keep them separate.

Bathroom Renovation

Cedreo is bathroom design software that enables you to create impressive visualizations of your bathroom designs. Its drag-and-drop interface allows for easy creation of floor plans and adding of furniture, fixtures, and finishes. Timeless vintage design with clean lines and iconic shapes can make a bathroom feel modern. Clean lines are a hallmark of modern bathroom design, which is why Oliver Bindloss and George Dawes of Bindloss Dawes aligned the vanity mirror with the wall in this minimalist London project. “Bathrooms should be tranquil, restful spaces, but can often become busy with too many fittings,” says Dawes. “We simplified this bathroom by building out a box wall to allow the mirrored cabinets to sit flush.

  • Decorative soaps, scented candles, dry flowers, and other decorative elements can be placed to make your bathroom look as appealing as any other large bathroom.
  • Enclosed storage, whether DIY’ed with a curtain to hide a gap between the floor and sink or via custom cabinetry is the way to go.
  • Lighting can make your bathroom seem like a spa-like sanctuary or a busy family bathroom feel fresher and crisper.
  • Plus make sure you have your storage set up perfect to avoid clutter and keep that zen, free-spirited feeling.
  • A pair of planters add a touch of natural greenery to the neutral space.

One way to add interest to a minimalist space is to make a point to incorporate a range of shapes that will make a spare space feel more dynamic. Michelle Berwick Design outfitted this minimalist bathroom with a mix of black, white, and wood finishes. Small hexagonal tiles on the wall and floor, a wood vanity with clean lines, and a round mirror and sink add some geometry to the mix. Stick to a limited palette and a handful of materials to create a minimalist feel in your bathroom. Large windows and glass doors to the walk-in double shower and bath area keep this minimalist bathroom from Cathie Hong Interiors focused on the view and the light. Concrete-effect tiles on the walls and floor add a cohesive look, while black plumbing fixtures add an industrial edge that matches the window frames.