Decorating with gold: 5 ways to give your home the Midas touch

Do you want to prepare dinner and monitor the kids’ homework at the same time? Separate work stations, dual sinks, and properly mapped aisles will foster efficiency, while an island will protect the chef and, at the same time, provide a roost for friends and family. Every room should reflect your personality and passions, while it also accommodates the way you and your family live, work, and relax. A room that looks heavenly but doesn’t live up to your requirements ultimately comes across as disjointed or, worse, unfriendly. Not only should rooms be visually pleasing, they should also be adapted to the way you live your life. On the next page, learn how to integrate form and function in your decorating.

  • “”This living room and dining room combo is ideal for hosting parties.
  • Color-drench a room in a single shade to create a cocooning feel that is cozy and inviting.
  • “Mirrors can make a space feel brighter because they bounce the light around the room,” says Breining.
  • A quick coat of paint can change a space, and if you’re really looking to switch things up, consider committing to a bolder color.

It’s really become an extension of the kitchen space.” Neal anticipates that we will continue to see an emphasis on pantry organization and design into the new year. Seasonal blooms — think zinnias, nasturtiums and cosmos — turn a bare wall into colorful living art. This setup, made from painted pine boards and glass test tubes, enhances this sunny dining room corner. If $500 is to steep for your budget, a simple coat of paint can also create a focal point in any room. Accent walls remain popular as a way to infuse personality and visual interest in your space.

Art Deco

While eye-catching decorations, like wreaths and garlands, can certainly give your home that fall feeling, the way your space smells does, too. These pumpkin-spice candles are easy to make and, when poured into orange-tinted mason jars, they pull double duty as décor. A wreath is a lovely and festive way to welcome guests into your home. This wild wonder owes its elegant good looks to the natural materials that embellish its standard straw base. We added wheat stalks laced with wooden beads and sculptural bleached seedpods. This blue and white summer tablescape from last year is one of my favorites.

In a black-and-white living room, keep things cohesive while adding texture and warmth using patterned ribbons, warm lights, and metallic touches, like this Christmas tree from Grey Hunt Interiors. Many great Christmas porch decorations are quite affordable, so you can add welcome holiday cheer without busting your budget. Decorate your reading nook for the holidays with simple seasonal additions.

Whirling the Color Wheel

If your home leans more traditional, don’t be afraid to add a midcentury-inspired accent piece. Or, embrace the colorful minimalism trend to combine a clean aesthetic with simple pops of bright color. As you decorate with colors, patterns, and furniture you love, you’ll develop your own eclectic look. Discover fun kids’ decor to enliven your child’s room at At Home. From plush bedding with fun designs and kid-size furniture to easy-to-use storage baskets and cute wall decor, we have home decor kids love and want in their space.