Guide to Interior Design Styles: The 27 Styles You Should Know

Pairing different patterns can get daunting, but if you love the way prints look, try committing to one and filling your space with it. “If you’ve fallen in love with a certain fabric or wallpaper, find out if the manufacturer carries other products in the same pattern,” Pyarali says. Dark colors can be intimidating to decorate with, but they can add serious drama to a space.


Sign in to see items you may have added using another computer or device. Forage in your backyard for some tall branches, and place them in a favorite pitcher to add a bit of life to your entryway without even spending a penny. If you’re a collector, don’t be shy about putting all of your favorite things on display. A large piece such as a wooden hutch is a no-fail storage solution. Choose chunky black or metal frames and learn furniture to pull the whole thing together. This style helps to incorporate elements already in the building to help it blend well with the home.

Alcove Bed Ideas That Save Space and Look Magical

They recommend pairing rustic with modern, but plenty of other pairs would work, too. Your ceilings also deserve some love, and they can be the perfect place to make a surprising statement. “We tend to forget about the fifth wall in our home—the ceiling,” Pyarali says.