Designing a kitchen: an expert guide to planning a kitchen

Consider mosaic tiles, graphic prints, or bold solid slabs to make a modern statement. When planning the layout of a kitchen, consider both aesthetics and function to create a balance that enhances the joy and ease of cooking while also meeting the needs of your lifestyle. A well-thought-out kitchen layout can facilitate efficient meal preparation, offer comfortable spaces for dining and entertaining, and harmonize with the overall design scheme of your home. In contrast to sprawling luxury kitchens, small kitchen design is about maximizing efficiency and style within a limited space.

  • This eat-in kitchen features blue-gray cabinets and a mint green island with room for four barstools.
  • If you want kitchen ideas that will add some drama, choose a dark color for your cabinets would do that instantly.
  • “We’ve stopped ignoring our ceilings; they need attention as well,” notes Alexis Peters.
  • There’s also a great deal of reassurance to be found in the knowledge that a freestanding kitchen can be configured in different ways to meet your family’s changing needs.
  • There are many more points to keep in mind so let the professional do this and you can just sit and watch how Regalokitchens will build a space optimizing a Modular Kitchen Design in your home.

Don’t be afraid to truly personalize your kitchen and make it a space that feels cozy, lived-in, and welcoming. Add some greenery, incorporate art, and showcase cups and plates that are special to you. “Designing for small spaces is all about being functional and smart,” Lund says. “Using all cupboard and shelf space appropriately and using depth space. We use clear stacking containers and bins that are properly labeled so each item has a home and is easy to find.” Counter space is often limited in small kitchens, so do what you can to save space.

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White subway tiles contrast with black countertops and cabinets in this U-shaped kitchen layout. Hang floating shelves instead of installing full cabinets to create the illusion of more space. A sprawling farm table invites family and friends to linger at the center of this spacious country kitchen. White furniture-style cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen balance the dark slate tile floors and substantial wood ceilings.

  • Clients can select the carcass to be made from an oak or walnut veneered ply or an oak/walnut effect material depending on budget.
  • This beautiful blue island features plenty of cabinet space, which leaves room for some open shelving on the other side of the kitchen.
  • It is therefore a good idea to have a separate utility sink so that the one in a traditional Indian kitchen design doesn’t get filled up with used vessels.
  • Similar to other irregular tiles, the resurgence of the imperfect 4×4 tile will further emphasize the disinterest in perfection.

Confine yourself to black, white, and wood finishes and cabinetry for a crisp and classic feel that will never date. This simple combination makes decorating simple and allows you to add color with simple accessories like dishtowels, vases, and fresh flowers. Mixing and balancing old and new elements will ensure that your kitchen design doesn’t look like either a vintage time capsule or a trendy space that will be dated by next year.

A limited color palette

Our Modular kitchen design cost can be reasonable for you, yet you can also buy expensive furniture. To make the most of a small modular kitchen, it is crucial to maximize every inch of available space. Utilize vertical space by installing wall-mounted shelves or cabinets to store frequently used items.

  • Without them, another lighting solution is required, so instead I might include wall lights on swing arms that can be angled to suit.
  • House 9 Interiors mixes shiny gold pulls with dark brass hardware and silver candlesticks for a kitchen that feels equal parts lived-in and sophisticated.
  • Modern kitchen design consists of sleek, angular, and simple designs featuring little hardware, flush doors, and flat surfaces.
  • Palmieri was tasked with accommodating a cooking and gathering area large enough for a couple and their children in this small kitchen.
  • Calacatta marble was used for the countertops, backsplash, and oven hood in the kitchen ofNate Berkus andJeremiah Brent’s Manhattan townhouse thatAD toured in 2020.

Thoughtful design enables a kitchen to serve as an entertaining spotanda useful room for everyday use. This wood island offsets the kitchen’s white perimeter cabinets and harmonizes with the slatefireplace hearth. Command attention where it’s not usually directed with matte black appliances. This easy-to-clean finish looks sharp with any color scheme and will give your kitchen a dramatic edge.