DIY Home Decor: My Favorite Projects and Ideas


‘One of my favorite home decor ideas is accessorizing a room with flowers. Bringing a sense of the outdoors inside can make a space feel more calming and tranquil. Sarah Spiteri is Editorial Director of Homes & Gardens and Livingetc. Sarah and her husband renovate apartments and houses together, and with a career devoted to writing about interiors, she is perfectly placed to advise on home decor.

First is the concept of “Vastu Shastra,” which guides architecture and interiors based on ancient Hindu beliefs to create positive energy flow within a space. Symmetry is highly valued in Indian design, with balanced arrangements seen in furniture placements or decorative accents within rooms. Rich colors reminiscent of nature’s hues such as earthy browns, fiery reds, sunny yellows are favored choices for wall paints and furnishings but are balanced with subtle neutrals. To make your house look Indian, you can incorporate several elements of Indian aesthetics and design. Start by selecting warm and vibrant colors like reds, oranges, and yellows for your walls or furnishings.

$7 Fall DIY Dollar Store Wreath

They can be sprayed with snow-like paint for a winter feel or mixed with berries and candles for a warm, fall ambiance. Seek out locally sourced wood for an authentic, sustainable touch. They can be personalized, engraved with images or designs that resonate with the cabin’s atmosphere. However, remember to properly coat and seal them to ensure longevity and safeguard against water damage. Balance these stronger elements with soft, homely pieces to maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For outdoor embellishment, they can encase flower beds or be propped up against cabin exteriors for an attractive aesthetic.

  • Whether you’re looking to maintain the traditional log cabin aesthetic or you’re aiming for a more modern twist, there are countless ways to achieve your desired look.
  • Decorate your white farmhouse porch with a natural wood farmhouse table for a homey feel that matches the style of your home.
  • “Always know the size of your room before you make any changes in your décor,” Michael Helwig, interior designer at Michael Helwig Interiors, says.
  • Matching the style of the room to the style of the fixture, though, will help focus and narrow your search.

It’s best to get structural needs figured out and accounted for first. “”Many of the simple accessories in this cozy den, such as the canoe, could be obtained at flea markets or antique fair. And small alterations zoom a lackluster bath or kitchen into the limelight, too. Replace the doors on sound but ho-hum cabinets, and bring in new hardware. Substituting a standard-size whirlpool tub for a bathtub is a luxurious leap forward.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco Influences in Mexican Home Decor

Visible wine storage turns your favorite reds, whites, and rosés into an integral part of your décor—consider each label a miniature work of art. Mat and mount vintage blanket segments, heirloom linens, single quilt blocks, and fabric scraps in your favorite patterns to create a custom gallery of beautiful textiles. Turn the traditional gallery wall on its head with a mirror gallery wall. Mirrors of various shapes and sizes, with different frames, beautifully fill a wall with added dimension.

  • Blur boundaries by painting rooms the same color, or employ different shades of a similar color with slight tonal variations.
  • Leanne Ford Interiors hung a simple wood-framed print by the front door of this all-white porch for a casual but decorated feel.
  • “This living room epitomizes this style with its neutral tones, clean lines and geometric whimsy.”
  • White can be elegant as in an ultramodern loft or homey as in an all-white beach cottage.
  • For example, Hammel expects to see more natural wood cabinets, islands, and shelves — all of which allow homeowners to keep a bright and airy vibe without restricting themselves to all-white-everything.
  • The Timber Sofa has extra-deep cushions and solid wood legs, and we like that it’s available in three upholstery options.

But the elegant white furniture and shiny wood floors are best suited to adults. Before you begin making changes to the interior of your house, you’ll need to formulate a decorating plan. Perhaps you want to decorate a brand-new family room, or maybe you’re redecorating a vacant bedroom now that a child is grown? Whatever the undertaking, the more attention spent on details, the better the results. Decorating a room in a new style can clash with the old style in adjoining rooms. Learn how to integrate new decorating ideas throughout your home so that the style feels unified, not disjointed.