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The importance of rugs, carpets, architectural elements, wall decor, and lighting in creating an authentic Indian ambiance were also highlighted. Another popular form of wall decor in traditional Indian homes is mandalas. Mandalas are intricate geometric designs that represent unity, harmony, and balance. These circular patterns are created using bold colors such as reds, blues, yellows, and greens.

  • “”To prevent styles from clashing and lending some continuity to the design plan, the living room and dining room feature the same wall color.
  • Suspend baskets, bunches of dried herbs or wildflowers, or strings of heady garlic from the beams, and gain yet another tactile bit of interest.
  • “The standalone bathtub and the greenery add an organic feel, reminiscent of a tranquil beachside retreat,” Courtney Cole, interior designer at TileCloud, says.
  • To do this, hold the gourd steady by clamping it into a vise or to a tabletop.
  • Wait five minutes for the adhesive to get tacky, then place a gilding sheet over the leaf shapes; brush with a dry brush.

Take inspiration from a springtime pastel palette and repaint a piece of furniture in a fresh color you’ll enjoy all year. This dainty shade of blue, applied in a thin wash, will brighten this bathroom for the seasons to come. As spring bulbs begin to pop up outdoors, an assortment of low-maintenance houseplants can bring the color of the season indoors. Incorporate a variety of plants with interesting textures and colors, then pair with a vintage botanical print. Michelle Boudreau Design echoed the view of swaying palms in this midcentury modern Palm Springs bedroom with palm print wallpaper and a palm-themed gallery wall. Emily Henderson Design finished this cozy reading nook with blue-and-white wallpaper that complements the color palette of the living room while giving it its own identity.

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Martha O’Hara Interiors contrasted this dark blue-green home with warm shades of coral and salmon pink on the front door color, terracotta urns, and throw pillows for a soft and welcoming feel. Finish a small modern farmhouse porch with streamlined decor and furniture for an understated feel. I’m thrilled to be your companion on this exciting journey through the world of home decor and design.


I-Rewood is owned by Kalitimer Recycled Timber, a recycled Ulin ironwood decking and flooring factory in Bali. They collect Ulin from good quality boats, bridges or warehouses that are no longer in use, turning them into timbre flooring, ceiling, panelling and more. Decorating your space with beautiful handcrafted, tropical designs will make every day feel like an island day. From ceramics and textiles, to wall art and furniture, Canggu & Co Homestore has an extensive selection of wares to choose from. There is also have a range of designs, that are more modern to traditional, so you can find something to fit your style.

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Marie Flanigan Interiors paired the moody wallpaper with dark wood furniture, and pulled the blue from the illustrated flowers with powdery blue upholstered seating in this New York City space. Create an enchanted forest feel in a gender-neutral nursery with hand-painted wallpaper. Eklektik Studio made the walls of this London nursery come alive with trees and animals on an accent wall behind the crib.

Best of all, you don’t need to be an expert painter to pull it off. Go the moody route by infusing your space with rich and mysterious tones, such as plum, deep red, charcoal, and even black. If you don’t have access to any colorful trees, drop by a flower shop for something simple. A harvest of inspiration awaits with these fall home decorating trends. Asian decor styles often complement each other, allowing for a harmonious blend of elements. Focus on simplicity, natural materials, and an uncluttered aesthetic, embracing the concept of “less is more.”