Family bathroom ideas: 20 practical but pretty family bathrooms

Furthermore, the software’s pricing plans are expensive, potentially excluding those on a tight budget. The most eye-catching examples have the feel of a boutique hotel, with colour and pattern across almost every surface. But the effect can also be applied with restraint to suit a more pared-back home setting. Use a powerful waterfall showerhead and surround it with lush green plants for that back-to-nature vibe. There’s no rulebook that states you have to use a ceramic or resin shower tray.

  • Sarah Lyon is a New York City-based freelancer who produces interior design, travel and lifestyle content.
  • “If I think an open and airy bathroom is great because it makes the space feel bigger, someone else might think an open and airy bathroom isn’t private enough and would never use the space,” Monahan says.
  • “In this bathroom, we designed a custom floating vanity that features flat panels,” she elaborates, noting that a simpler drawer door design makes this floating vanity even more contemporary.
  • If you’re renovating your home, steal square footage from adjacent rooms to create more space in a small bathroom.
  • Try contrasting your white bathroom fixtures with black floor tiles for a sleek and elegant feel.

“Small bathrooms should have walk-in showers in clear glass enclosures,” says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight. If you’re redecorating and are in need of small bathroom design ideas, going for a modern look will help refresh the room in a refined way. Curate a rustic bathroom scheme by selecting highly textured, natural elements.

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A combination of the soft and warm tones make the bathroom exude elegance. Glass separation unit perfectly fits the sloped ceiling and provides waterproofing. The wood ceiling and wood bench make space feel longer and bring depth with their vertical positions. This powder room design shows us the use of a single material can be impactful and elegant in an environment. The wall-mounted stone sink integrates seamlessly into the stone wall behind it.

  • While it’s true that a light and bright paint color can make a small space feel larger, the opposite can also be true.
  • Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, these tools offer a blend of functionality, ease of use and efficiency.
  • The second step implies choosing windows and doors, various elements, fixtures, and other bathroom elements you might need for the project.
  • In some homes, particularly period properties, the toilet and a hand basin may be in a separate adjacent room so that it can be accessed when the family bathroom is in use.

Straight lines from the wall paneling and modern vanity drawers pair nicely with the rounded mirror and curved light fixtures. Luxurious details and natural textures blend so well in this bathroom. Green starburst hexagon tiles this space into a jewel box with a bold touch. Natural wood floating vanity and potted plants complete the natural atmosphere created by the green shades.