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‘I always want to balance the simplicity and clean lines of Scandinavian design with elements that feel deconstructed or imperfect to keep things feeling warm, casual and easy. If space is limited and you want to maintain good flow, opt for a small island like interior designer Yvonne McFadden did here. The double shelving provides more storage, and the singular statement pendant above makes it feel intentional. If you’re looking to create a transformation in your kitchen, Japandi kitchen ideas offer a blueprint for a space that seamlessly combines calming aesthetics with soothing simplicity. Embrace the serenity of a neutral palette, the functionality of streamlined cabinetry and layout, and the warmth of natural materials to create a Japandi-inspired kitchen.

High-quality materials and high-end appliances are often featured, emphasizing efficiency and integration. Open shelving and under-cabinet lighting can also be utilized to blend practicality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring every inch of space is both useful and visually appealing. Incorporate natural and weathered woods into your kitchen design to achieve that rustic farmhouse aesthetic. Use them for beams, flooring, open shelving, or even a kitchen island.

Contrast Your Upper and Lower Cabinets

This rolling cart acts as a kitchen island, eat-in counter, storage shelves, and most importantly, can be rolled away when hosting guests. It’s an open shelving world and we’re all living in it, but that doesn’t mean cabinets are over. Gray Space Interior Design led by Rasheeda Gray makes a case for bringing back full cabinetry in this gorgeous kitchen. If you’re not ready for picture-perfect shelves, you can just shut the cabinet doors.


If you struggle with damp in your kitchen, you could opt for a mildew and mould resistant paint. However, specialist paints like this often have limited colour options. An appliance island, where you can have a sink and/or oven fitted, cost a lot more as they need to be plumbed or wired in. Glossy, reflective or mirrored surfaces will also help to bounce the light around the room. Consider high-gloss cupboards and a glass or reflective splashback.