Kitchen Layout Design Guide Ideas & Expert Advice

You could also use two different types of flooring to help separate and distinguish the areas. For example, a tiled section in front of the kitchen which then turns into a carpeted area for the living room. The single wall kitchen (One-Wall Kitchen Layout) pretty much does what it says on the tin. When it comes to designing a kitchen layout, there are no hard-set rules. This is why designing the best kitchen layout is absolutely crucial.

  • Minimalist hardware is often the hallmark of a contemporary kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be small.
  • Her work has appeared in HGTV, Insider Reviews, Travel Channel, and more.
  • She can trace her eye for balanced interiors all the way back to her childhood home, where she would frequently rearrange the furniture and reimagine rooms.
  • In this petite space, warm tones, linens, and natural materials make for a cozy and fresh spot.

Yes, in 2023, the epicenter of cooking and conversation is undergoing some new and exciting developments. As the pandemic winds down, our mindsets around cleanliness, relaxation, and safety are evolving. The term “contemporary” refers to the preferred style of kitchen favored at the moment. Other kitchen styles besides modern that are contemporary during the 2020s include Shaker, farmhouse, cottage, traditional, and transitional. The island, finished in brushed brass panels, features an undermount sink for a more streamlined design.

Small Kitchen Storage

Leah Harmatz founded Field Theory in 2015, guided by the belief that beautiful, functional design has a direct impact on our daily lives. The design firm aims to add character and warmth to residential and commercial spaces with eclectic, layered designs and a point of view that activates all the senses. One of the most common trends designers noted seeing was the addition or reworking of a secondary kitchen space to help make the main kitchen more organized and less hectic. “One of my tips to creating a smart kitchen but keeping it pretty is using paneled appliances when possible,” says Wolter.

A galley kitchen, characterized by its narrow layout and parallel counters, is a common choice for many homeowners. Their streamlined design promotes efficiency and maximizes space utilization, making them ideal for smaller homes or apartments where space is at a premium. The integration of all manner of antiques and vintage is encouraged in the making of a French country kitchen, but reusing old doors is an especially fantastic way to do it. Cheryl Bafford’s Raleigh, North Carolina, project is a prime example, as she sourced reclaimed doors directly from France for the walk-in pantry. The worn, peeling wood provides the space with compelling historical character. Emily Moorman is a News Writer at Homes & Gardens, working across a range of topics spanning interiors, celebrity and emerging trends.

Contrast your white kitchen with a deeper color

By adding functionality and style to your cooking space, you can create a serene and inviting ambiance that enhances your culinary experience. Japanese kitchen cabinets are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and unique features. To enhance the aesthetics of your Japanese kitchen, opt for cabinets made from natural materials such as wood, bamboo, or rattan.

  • You can lay them how you like too, make more a feature of them by laying different sized slabs or keeping it simple with a square pattern.
  • So two or more serving spoons are good, but four salad tongs are almost certainly not.
  • This integration not only looks great but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the space.