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Diagramming Build diagrams of all kinds from flowcharts to floor plans with intuitive tools and templates. DiagrammingBuild diagrams of all kinds from flowcharts to floor plans with intuitive tools and templates. Others on this list are software programs that you may directly purchase and often come in versions for both PCs and Macs.

Colors are an excellent way to illustrate zones and landscape features on a 2D Site Plan. You can use different tones of green to indicate gardens or lawns. Distinguish between different kinds of paths and walkways to indicate which have hardscape and which do not. You can also show landscaping materials such as sand, decking, and paving.


It is an online 3D home design tool that produces exterior and interior 3D renderings, as well as 2D and 3D floor plans in a few hours. Luxury Antonovich Design, under the esteemed leadership of Katrina Antonovich and Elena Antonovich, stands as a distinguished architecture and interior design firm rooted in the United States. Our state-of-the-art website is a gateway to the myriad of bespoke design solutions we offer.

  • To make her 1880s farmhouse look closer to its original design, blogger Liz Marie selected bright white pre-painted siding for its exterior.
  • Our stylish homes are low in elevation, use completely concealed solar panels, and advanced rainwater harvesting solutions.
  • SmartDraw also works where you already communicate with your team.

She also plans to keep designing shoes and accessories under She Is Cheval as a “sister brand” to Hayley Paige. But for now, Gutman is just basking in the glow of getting to call herself Hayley Paige again. But on May 14, Gutman and Clevlen reached a settlement with JLM and its CEO in a process that Gutman told BI went faster than she anticipated. China’s leaders were already managing a slowdown after three decades of double-digit growth before the housing crisis created a downturn that is spiraling out of their control.