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This natural bamboo entrance gate evokes an instant holiday feel and beckons you to discover what is beyond. Garden art or ornaments, such as statues, umbrellas, woodcarvings and water features, can help to round out a garden design. These are commonplace in Bali, as is a mix of stone paving and pebbles for bathroom flooring. Adding pebbles, paving and treated timber decking to an outdoor bathing area doubles as a non-slip surface, and opening up your bathroom to the great outdoors looks stunning.


“Since the room was an interesting shape with the stairway, we made the stairway wall into a built-in book shelf which turned out super rad.” “When we were designing this space, we knew we needed more light so adding a large skylight was our first priority,” the team behind Arbor & Co. says. “It opened up the room so much and added sunshine that was really needed.” “This living room is bright, clean, and graphic,” Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interiors says. “My client has four little kids, so she wanted a cozy but uncluttered space for her family to gather and spend time together.” You have multiple facets to your personality, so why wouldn’t you also have multiple tastes in design?

Take Traditional Eclectic

If you haven’t been blessed with ample natural light, living in darkness isn’t your only option. There are a few clever tricks you can try to increase the amount of light streaming through your windows. “Unless accommodating a piece of furniture underneath it, art should hang about 60–62 inches from the floor.” Why? Balancing tons of different colors can get intimidating—especially if you’re a first-time decorator. And that’s exactly why Becc Burgmann, director and founder of Becc Burgmann Interior Design and Decorating, Sydney, recommends using only cool colors or only warm colors. Moroccan decor elements like a carved wooden screen and a handira wedding blanket draped over the end of the bed give this bedroom from Erin Williamson Design a bohemian feel.

Deck out your home, or island villa, with beautiful, handmade pieces and add a little bit of paradise to your home base. The style of the island is classically tropical with lots of wooden furniture, rattan and white-washed ornaments. Add to your Bali aesthetic with tropical-themed dinnerware and table settings. Wooden bowls, woven table runners and bamboo placemats can really enhance a holiday aesthetic when entertaining, or just enjoying an easy meal at home. The Balinese are known for the use of beautifully carved wood in their homes.

Neutral Boho Style Bedroom

Chango & Co. decorated this airy great room with a curvy sofa for an organic and on-trend feel. There’s no reason you have to push your bed up against the wall, especially in a smaller space that is devoted to nothing but getting a good night’s sleep. Leanne Ford Interiors created an airy, cloud-like feel in this minimalist all-white space by floating an upholstered bed in the middle of the room. Mary Patton Design energized this blush pink dining room with pleated green curtains and a colorful rug.

  • Sneaking art into less obvious spots, like your bathroom, can bring your home together, making it feel more thoughtfully decorated and of course, more special.
  • Stick to candlelight, or low, warm lights to add to the atmosphere.
  • They are perfect for decorating homes, offices, villas, hotels whether for indoor or outdoor.
  • Wreaths are a given during the holidays, but what about during the fall season?
  • “Large scale, bold color, and even metallic versions are here to stay.”

Fantastic Frank added a pair of Fornasetti throw pillows featuring the immortal opera singer Lina Cavalieri that will get your guests talking and keep you company when you’re home alone. This cozy Swedish living room from Fantastic Frank has a chunky low-slung sofa with minimalist lines that makes the ceilings feel even taller. In this Maine living room from Tyler Karu, a vintage plinth classically used to display sculptures shows off a large plant instead. It’s a twist on the usual plant stand and a fun way to add height that makes your living room layout more interesting while helping make sure that your plant gets the requisite amount of light. Explore Justina Blakeney’s magical springtime collection inspired by seasonal flora & fauna.