23 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Add your favorite color to the mix by bringing it into the space in unexpected ways like the sink seen here. Perfect for renters or homeowners without a big budget or lots of time, greenery can be the perfect accessory to liven up your bathroom. Think there’s no place for rustic wood in your bathroom without evoking 90’s tract house vibes? Take note of the existing features you love about your bathroom and make a plan to emphasize them like Nelums did in this space. Glass shower doors are sleeker than shower curtains and will give your space a modern look, like this corner shower from Leclair Decor.

  • Simplicity in layout and color scheme can often be best in smaller spaces, as proven in this tiny New York City bathroom designed by Shawn Henderson.
  • They bounce natural light around a room, making the room seem instantly larger and brighter.
  • Patricia Urquiola created this for the Hangrohe Axor brand as a departure from traditional norms.
  • With a wide array of features and a bright range of colors, designers can build their dream layouts.
  • It’s a great way to create interest and zone in on a particular area of the bathroom – we love it focused around a walk-in shower,’ says Grazzie Wilson, creative lead, Ca’ Pietra.

Look no further for luxury ensuite bathroom ideas than the main ensuite of stylist Steve Cordony’s chic country home, starting with Oregon floorboards original to the house. Striking wall sconces continue the symmetry of twin basins in the custom Vanity by Design unit, while a pair of antique mirrors from The Vault Sydney sit above tapware from The English Tapware Company. This light-filled bathroom by Romanek Design Studio reflects the beauty of the external setting, Malibu. From the wood panel sloped ceiling to the mural of green zellige tiles, this room blends right into the Southern California coast. Plus, the wall-to-wall green tile floors and walls mean that basically everything in the room will hold up well when wet.

Go for a statement wall behind the bath

It’s also a way to give you a gorgeous view from the tub without sacrificing privacy — that is, unless you live beside a large building or a lot of low-flying planes go by. To help refresh your guest bathroom, add open shelving or a vanity with open shelving for a place to add all the necessities. This will help guests find the items they need while keeping the bathroom tidy. Sloan connected devices are already leading the field in connected water management.

  • Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or a classic traditional style, the master bathroom, also known as a primary bathroom, is an area where you can relax, unwind, and start your day on the right note.
  • Outlining is one way to breathe new life into bathroom minimalism, with their elegant clean profiles.
  • This not only ties the areas together but also creates standout features throughout, drawing attention away from the size of your bathroom and putting focus on the style.
  • One of the most common bathroom layouts is a 9×5-foot space with a vanity, toilet, and tub/shower combination lined up next to each other.
  • But before you go knocking down any walls or ripping out old tile, think through your plan for the space.

Interestingly, if you have an oversized bathroom and want to give it a more cozy, intimate feel, go for warmer color paints. These will create the feeling of contraction , bringing the walls in. An enveloping feeling will thus be created, giving you a snug, cocooning vibe. New tile collections are featuring more graphic lines, which assemble together to form modern graphic or geometric patterns. Nailing just about every current bathroom trend from the pink hexagonal Lily Pad tiles to the black taps and Crittall-style shower screen, this is a truly modern shower room.

Bathroom Design Inspiration

‘Patterned tiling is a great way to introduce personality,’ says Colin Roby-Welford of Fired Earth. ‘With no need to worry about it clashing with soft furnishings, you can be creative. Think about a striped design across walls and floors to create a contemporary effect.’ Shown are Bert & May’s Alalpardo tiles. ‘I wanted to bring in a tropical feel, as it allows the mind and soul to escape,’ says creative director Eva Sonaike of her C.P. ‘The combination of green and purple, and texture and pattern, brings a dynamic flow.’ Eva’s own Odi wallpaper goes beautifully with Luminous tiles by Minoli. “I like to add matching brass hardware fixtures, as these can stand out as warm accent features,” Nina explains.