30 Modern Living Room Ideas for a Stylish and Comfortable Home


To help lighten up the space, she brought in brighter linens for the bed. “Nothing looks better with a blue sky and water than a good saffron yellow,” Tim Button, partner and co-owner at Stedila Design, says. The rest of the space he kept carefully curated with light ocean spray-colored jars on the craggy rock fireplace. “Pairing shades of blues with plenty of neutrals makes this space adaptable to every season,” she says. This space embraced bold blues to keep with the home’s other seaside theme.

If it’s zing you want, combine two complementary colors; they’re “complementary” because they lie directly opposite each other on the wheel. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling hungrier in a kitchen or a restaurant that’s painted the color of your morning juice. People tend to be more “up” in red rooms, more subdued in those that are blue. Hospital rooms are often painted a pale, serene green, a shade of well-being.

Warisan Living

Whether you’re starting fresh in a new home or just revamping your current space, the possibilities are endless when it comes to spicing up your home decor. You can delve into selecting the perfect color scheme and furniture or venture into adding exquisite accents and one-of-a-kind artwork. Located in central Texas, this project proves coastal design can be used anywhere if the design fits the surroundings. Laura Pankonien, designer and principal atThe Pankonien Group, relied on natural materials such as rattan, jute, and linen with a lighter color palette of whites and sandy neutrals to balance the space. Coastal design is an aesthetic that can easily be elevated to fit any home style, space, or room size.

  • For heightened drama in a stark modern setting of glass and chrome, a less-familiar union would be a purple sofa littered with plump yellow pillows.
  • Taylor recommends adding “fresh flowers, potted plants, branches—some nod to nature.” That can mean a live plant, a dried one, or even a faux one.
  • We can always count on department store, John Lewis & Partners to deliver the goods when it comes to Christmas decor.