35 Front Porch Decorating Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Space


For long-lasting, trusted items, check out these top furniture shops in Bali. Everyone wants to take a little bit of the island home with them. Whether it be with simple souvenirs, a box of tea bags, or some beautiful decor.

  • Build depth with your autumn decor by layering different tones and textures together.
  • It can be challenging to strike the perfect balance between form and function.
  • Lobster and Swan brought some flowers from the garden into the house, adding them to delicate vintage glass bud vases and placing them in a covered glass dome to give them a display case jewel box vibe.
  • Ceiling ideas are often overlooked in home decor but we have seen designers embracing their power more and more in the past few months.
  • These traditional Japanese sliding screens are crafted with translucent paper mounted on a wooden frame, allowing diffused light to filter through while maintaining privacy.

Different contractors, a variety of fabrics, multiple furniture stores…It can be difficult to keep track of all the items involved in decorating a home. On the next page, learn how to organize your decorating project. With all of today’s options, high-end materials are not the only answer. Keep an open mind, and when the price is too steep, find a substitute within budget.

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Minimalism is all about allowing for a little breathing room, design-wise, so nix your gallery wall and let a few standout pieces take center stage instead. Definitely the budget matters when it comes to decorate the home. We want to do a lot many things but when we think about the budget we have to shrink our desires. The ideas you have given are fitting quite well in a tight budget. Pace yourself, try to enjoy the thrill of the “hunt.” Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Accessorize with pretty utilitarian pieces.I don’t know about you, but I often forget about pieces that are tucked into cupboards and shelves.


In her Starlight Farm country house, she varied shades of blue, white and grey in the mudroom. The summer season is splendid but short so it’s important to embrace every moment, and that includes bringing the relaxed, breezy vibe into every room of your home. From powder rooms to playrooms, here are our favorite summer decorating ideas for a laid-back look that’s like a breath of fresh air. Interior designer Ghislaine Vinas hung a colorful modern painting above the bed in this all-white primary bedroom that gives the eye something bold to focus on.

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Calimia Home decorated this sleek porch with tones of white and taupe, with a sculptural coffee table for an organic modern feel. Decorate the front porch of a Mediterranean-style home with Moroccan accents to add texture and flair. Add privacy and light control to your front porch with outdoor curtains. Martha O’Hara Interiors chose white curtains to match the house’s facade. You can also hang curtains around the periphery of a back patio or porch to shade a dining or lounge space when the sun is blazing. Repainting your front door in a new color is an easy DIY project that can give your front porch a brand new feel.

  • When decorating for Fall on a budget, try thinking outside of the box with the DIY materials you use.
  • Choose bamboo furniture pieces, such as chairs, tables, or shelving units, to add a warm and organic element to your decor.
  • If you like to sew and hate to paint, make the drapes and hire a painter.
  • They are often painted directly onto the walls using natural pigments derived from plants and minerals.
  • Layer a gallery wall over vibrant and colorful wallpaper to bring this often neglected space to life.

Quality task lighting is often the missing link in most home decorating. Consider adding recessed lighting or and track lighting, pendant lighting and under cabinet lighting, more portable floor lamps or desk lamps. If you love texture, then considering bringing it outdoors in a big way. Whether a on porch or covered patio, treat the walls to an easy-to-apply natural limewash.