36 Coastal Decor Ideas to Transform Your Home into a Beach House


Similarly, soft goods such as blankets and pillows may be prone to staining, so you may want to keep your favorite throw pillows away from pets and children. Determining your style is a key component of shopping for home decor. You will want to go into your search with a clear sense of your aesthetic and decorating goals so that you don’t end up wasting money on items that you’ll tire of a few months down the line. In some cases, it can be sold affordably, but in other instances, pieces may be more of an investment.

  • The elegantly shaped vases, interesting lighting options, sumptuous beds and island-inspired statues make for a cool and intriguing space.
  • This living room is rooted firmly in the region, emulating the earthiness through tree trunk side tables, leather poufs, and soothing ceramics.
  • Wallpaper can be a finishing touch in a room or a point of departure.
  • Karen began her career as a sub editor at Hi-Fi News and Record Review magazine.
  • Deconstruct a couple of bunches of supermarket daffodils to create a fun display on the wall.

Use stickers to add the numbers, or a chalk pen to add patterns. You could hang it anywhere too but we think it would look so cute in a hallway so the kids can just grab their bag as they leave for school. Remember to keep candy in its plastic packaging for hygienic results. You don’t want sticky handprints or your walls, or to attract pests in the home. When you see just how glorious you can make your surroundings look, you will want to change things up a little in not just your living room, but in your entire household. “There’s a very fine line between layered and collected to busy and distracting,” says Joybird.

Make Neutrals Interesting

Take down that bland medicine cabinet that isn’t serving you and create a space that’s much more your style. Here, striped blue and white pillow covers add a subtle pop of color to this neutral kitchen. A simple tiled floor is a great way to bring a touch of the indoors to your outdoor space.

  • You can boost this by rethinking bulky curtain ideas, decluttering and decorating with light colors.
  • “I think people want a living room that is comfortable, approachable, usable, and functional,” says A-List designer Mark Cunningham.
  • And there’s a fair amount of hardware, décor, and upholstery to pick out, too.
  • Brophy Interiors decorated this modern meditation space with floor pillows, organic wood furniture, and a potted plant.
  • It fit perfectly with our new look and now hangs proudly in our dining room.

If you are not blessed with existing rustic features, go right ahead, and fake it. Add a rustic oak beam over the fireplace, use wallpaper or brick slips to recreatebrick wall ideasand check outwood ceiling ideas. Brad began his design career in 2008 at a Nashville interior design studio, where he helped present the popular HGTV show, Interiors Inc.