37 Modern Kitchen Ideas We Love

All you need is enough room for a small bistro table and two chairs. Stainless steel sinks are standard, but this black, scratch-resistant sink looks elevated and different. If you constantly find yourself eating at the kitchen counter, do the inevitable and move in the dining table.

  • Even though this kitchen is dressed in the same neutral tone, it’s filled with visually appealing design details.
  • Pictured in this design by Collected Interiors, the open shelving leverages vertical wall space and serves as a place to store both decor and kitchen necessities.
  • Zoning is one of the best ways to deal with multifunctional open plan living so spaces for different activities are arranged in a logical way to ensure that the room feels comfortable and works well.
  • The standout feature of this space is its simplicity—it’s a blank canvas where delightful culinary creations can come to life.

And at the other end of the spectrum, choose bright kitchen cabinets! Best thing about being able to paint kitchen cabinets is that if you tire of a color you can always paint over it. We love this bright sunny yellow, but we’ve been seeing green kitchens popping up on Instagram more frequently and even pink ones! Like white, grey is great backdrop color that you can easily pair with other colors to create new looks. We have a whole gallery of grey kitchen ideas if you want more inspiration and to see how different grey tones look in a space.

Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring (Materials & Ideas)

If you love a metallic look, there are plenty of interesting ways to integrate it into your kitchen space. A vast white Corian table with gold inlay that sits above a custom gold-leaf-finished island is the main attraction in New York designer Jamie Drake’s elegantManhattan kitchen. Michael S. Smith imbued this Chicago kitchen with his signature elegance, employing mosaic wall tiles by Ann Sacks and York Street Studio stools clad in a Jasper leather. The glimmering ceiling adds a striking textural contrast to the elegant neutral palette. The five most common kitchen plans include a one-wall kitchen, an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, or a kitchen with an island.

  • The island and cupboards match the exposed beams visible in an adjacent living space.
  • Use a light blue for an airy feel, a medium blue for a homey look, or navy and midnight blue for a moody ambiance.
  • In this kitchen, designer Emily Henderson wanted to make a subtle statement.
  • They are also one of the most sustainable kitchen ideas as they allow you to shake things up when the mood takes you without the need to remove a fitted design.
  • “The house feels playful—it has a sense of humor,” interior designer Muriel Brandolini said toAD of her family’s Hamptons home in the April 2014 issue.

A well-designed kitchen increases the efficiency of your cooking activities while minimizing accidents and improving hygiene levels within the home. Furthermore, it enhances comfort levels within your home by providing a cozy atmosphere where family members can bond. To overcome this challenge, homeowners can consider alternative options such as purchasing used appliances or buying from international suppliers with competitive pricing. It is also advisable to choose functional appliances over trendy ones to save money without compromising on functionality. Cookers with built-in ovens and grills are also favorites among Nigerians who love preparing elaborate meals for their families during weekends or special occasions. Other appliances like dishwashers and microwaves have made life easier for working-class families as they save time on cleaning up after meals.