42 Spring Decorating Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home


In a primary bedroom, consider pairing mismatched nightstands that go together while retaining their own personality to change things up. Style them to look intentional by choosing nightstands that share something in common, like color, height, shape, like this space from Keyanna Brown and Malcolm Simmons for Emily Henderson Design. Repurpose your sunroom with a coat of paint and comfortable seating to turn it into a game room. Kate Marker Interiors outfitted this cottage sunroom with a comfy couch and chairs and a round table for board games and rainy day tea breaks.

  • Come the couple weeks before Halloween, add an additional layer to your fall decor with a subtle yet spooky touch.
  • Diyas are small clay lamps that are lit during religious ceremonies and festivals such as Diwali.
  • This popular style of home is becoming more and more common in Austin and the surrounding hill country region of Texas.
  • “”This living room and dining room combo is ideal for hosting parties.
  • Casual, modern, cozy, affordable, traditional, eclectic, minimal and many other styles can fit within your Texas-inspired space concept.

Step-by-step videos featuring QC tutor Angie Chapman will guide you through the process of creating a professional floorplan. You’ll learn about color theory in home design and about a wide range of different international and historical design styles, such as Southwestern and Art Deco. Eclectic style is characterized by a multitude of fabrics, patterns, and art items. “Home accents like rugs, paintings, objects d’art, and throw pillows are convenient ways to bring a considered mismatch into any room,” says Joybird. People in India decorate their homes with a deep sense of cultural significance and aesthetic appeal.

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By using mostly white for the walls and cabinets, this kitchen by Beata Heuman allows the details to come to the fore. In particular the glass ceiling shines here, literally elevating the room and adding interest through reflections, plus a real sense of more space. Coffee table styling is one of the easiest home decor ideas you can embrace.

  • After that, move on to vases and glassware in a variety of textures that add that dose of earthy sophistication to your personal spaces.
  • A taller piece such as an ar­moire makes the ceiling seem higher while also providing a focal point.
  • This pinstripe roman shade adds a boyish touch, as well as some softness to this bathroom vanity.
  • The store offers a visual feast for those who appreciate the artistry and tranquility that natural materials bring to a living space.

Having a sensible plan for how to make do until the workers depart or the paint dries is the next best option. Try not to be tempted to take on the whole house and be done with it. Most people can’t afford to undertake a huge endeavor, like decorating a room, without looking at the final price tag. If you’re decorating on a budget, these tips will help you achieve the look you want without the exorbitant cost.