92 Home Decor Ideas for Every Room in the House


Ahead, we rounded up 50 home décor ideas worth stealing for your space. These ideas range from very involved to very DIY-friendly, and all of them are sure to turn your space into a statement-maker. Bespoke joinery is a complete game changer when really well done,’ says Stephanie. Wall mural ideas are back with a bang, and the designs that are seeing the most traction are those that depict natural scenes.


Don’t stick to solids—bring in playful furniture if you’re looking for a way to add more intrigue and depth to your living room. Gray Space Interiors completed this blue hangout zone in influencer Zakia Blain’s Pennsylvania home with two wild armchairs. If you are wondering which pattern works best in a rustic home, the answer is always gingham, without doubt. You cannot go wrong with checkered prints, or plaids for that matter.

Cozy and Warm

The designers recommend displaying everything from old sporting items and classic comic books to vintage quilts and vinyl records. As long as it’s yours and you love it, it should look great in your space. And if you’ve already bought a matching furniture set, you still have options. “If you really love a set, bring in some complementary pieces that break up the monotony,” Marie Taylor, self-taught decorator at This Dear Casa, says. Snagging a matching furniture set can be an easy way to outfit your space. But if your goal is to craft a dynamic interior, consider pairing items that don’t match perfectly.