Bridgerton decor: 6 simple ways to nail Regency-inspired interior design HELLO!

Radiating the allure of tonal and earthy palette throughout the house, luring residents with the earthy elements of wood, greens and natural stones. They have done several designs for me since then, and I wouldn’t think about going anywhere else… Fair, Honest, Accessible, Professional, Efficient… see for yourself what a five star architect experience is like. Climate responsive and operationally efficient, our homes harness natural resources to provide a healthy indoor living environment, keeping you comfortable, safe and happy. Contemporary, functional and sustainable, our home designs are purposefully created to integrate harmoniously with the environment.

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  • Every aspect of the design is thoughtfully considered, from selecting the right materials to curating a unique colour palette.
  • Help make your dream home a reality with the right home design software.
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Whether your taste runs more to cosy country cottages or expansive new-builds, you’ll find plenty to browse here, and don’t miss the beautiful houses by our Top 100 Interior Designers. Most concrete block homes have 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 exterior walls on the 2nd story. Our services range from full renovations, bathrooms and kitchens to cutting edge new builds.

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Most of the symbols, shapes, and icons can be found in our floor plan symbol libraries. Besides, you can draw the symbols and upload them to your own library. Use EdrawMax Online to create a sketch of the layout, which is a simple representation of what you are going to achieve and how your space is divided. You can draw the basic floor plan on scale by using a template or building with pre-designed symbols. When inspecting the space, measure the walls, doors, windows, and existing furniture accurately. If you are creating the layout for an entirely new area, you can look for and survey the buildings in similar areas to use as an estimate in your floor plan.