Design-Minded Spec Developers Sell Brentwood House for $24M


This proves exponentially more factual in real estate, where listings live and die by their visual appeal. Yet many underestimate the impact of strategically crafted graphics aligned with brand identity and audience preferences. The above best practices, sourcing guidance, and optimisation tips aim to help real estate professionals and creatives harness the immense power of strategic visual communication. Real estate graphic design is vital in marketing properties and representing realty brands. With the right visuals, you can capture attention, convey information clearly, and persuade potential buyers and sellers to take action.

Website accessibility is a must for any design—not just as a best practice but as a way to implement inclusivity in your marketing. In addition to following best practices, many businesses are using accessibility widgets which allow users to customize their experience to their particular needs. Draw inspiration from industry leaders who have excelled in their online presence.

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With 54% of real estate searches starting on social media, high-quality graphics are necessary across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, X, TikTok and more. With online listings now mainstream, photography has never been more vital. Invest in professional real estate photographers to do each property justice honestly. In the website for White Elephant Real Estate, a vast white background communicates that the sky’s the limit for rehabbing the properties they deal with. When you buy a home, you don’t just move into the house—you move into its neighborhood. Real estate companies that work in highly desirable places can capitalize on this by showcasing the locales on their websites.

  • Real estate signs are a vital component of real estate advertising.
  • They are more than happy to assist you with your buying or selling needs and guide you through the process of Balinese real estate from start to finish.
  • Another change is that some offices are larger and have a window for a nice view, according to designers at The Plan Collection.
  • Through these direct calls to action, Ledge & Young quickly identifies who is visiting their website and sets visitors on the right course depending on if they’re a homebuyer or a homeseller.
  • A’ Real Estate Design Award provides many tools for press members to reach good real estate design content.

ANOW – Winning Design Anow helps real estate appraisers by simplifying the way they manage their business and offers business insights that were previously very hard to track. Our web-based application streamlines the every day processes from order tracking, assigning jobs to employees, internal collaboration, scheduling, a CRM, and business insight reports. Business owners, appraisers, and administrative staff are saving multiple days each month by using Anow’s tools.

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The user-friendly interface allows visitors to easily navigate through property listings, view high-quality images, and gather essential information about each listing. DreamHome is a versatile HTML5 template designed to help you build your dream real estate website. Whether you are a real estate agent, broker, or agency, DreamHome offers a comprehensive set of features and design elements to help you create a user-friendly and visually stunning online presence. Aven is a sophisticated and versatile HTML template specifically designed for real estate professionals and agencies. With its clean and modern layout, Aven delivers an impressive user experience, enhancing your online presence and increasing your property listings’ visibility.


I love the typography and the amount of whitespace throughout this web design. Sotheby’s takes a different approach to each commercial real estate investment, working hard to ensure that each property has its distinct personality and purpose. Tanya’s journey from Miss World Canada to a beloved television personality and now a mentor in real estate is not only inspiring but also emblematic of her versatile and resilient character. Her popular roles as host of “Sell This House,” “Sell This House Extreme,” “Move This House,” and “Smart Home Nation” have made her a household name. Discover the epitome of Bali real estate for sale with this captivating 3-bedroom villa in the sought-after Sanur area. Priced at an enticing USD 509,000, this property combines luxury and affordability, making it a prime choice in the world of Bali villas for sale.