Designing a kitchen: an expert guide to planning a kitchen

Niche Interiors, this kitchen is the epitome of contemporary minimalism. We had a couple of issues with hardware which were addressed in a timely fashion. John and Barry are a great team, nothing was ever a problem, we have the kitchen living area we dreamed off and could not be happier. We were recommended Surreal as being a professional, quality company. Given we were living in Thailand , we needed someone who could be trusted to do what they said they would, be self-regulating and finish in the timeframe promised. During the first meeting, a draft plan will be prepared based on your needs, wants and expectations.

  • If you are after kitchen ideas that are never going to date, a Shaker design is just that.
  • It can be used to help create a more functional design by acting as another point to your working triangle.
  • This dual use makes it an ideal site for multiple functions in the kitchen space.
  • Creating a timeless kitchen is all about striking a balance, between light and dark, moody and airy, functional and beautiful.

Kitchens during the 1950s were also very plain and lacked any design features. Kitchens during the 1950s were also very small in size and were not meant for large families. We use high-quality materials and latest technology to ensure that your kitchen is both stylish and durable.

Embrace Scandinavian Style

German kitchens embraced minimalism and its philosophy that embraces simplicity, heroes functionality and avoids excess to create seamless, uncluttered symmetrical spaces that have a purpose. Over the years the design has evolved following this concept of functional kitchens, and the German manufacturers have improved it with creativity and technology. The design legacy has inspired newer generations to create livable spaces that only serve as a working space, but that have also become social spaces at home. I began my kitchen renovation project about 2 years ago and had been directed to Smile by an architectural company.


Today, they have been adapted for use in modern kitchens, offering a unique blend of tradition and functionality. Incorporating Japanese elements into your kitchen design can create a calming and functional space. The layout, materials, and design elements all work together to promote efficiency, simplicity, and elegance. By paying attention to the details and focusing on function and simplicity, a Japanese-style kitchen can be a beautiful and inspirational space. Traditional white subway tile backsplashes and trendy zellige tile backsplashes are being replaced in favor of sleek, large-scale slab backsplashes.

Universal Design

The sleekness and minimalism of modern designs may not be appealing to everyone, and some may prefer a warmer atmosphere in their kitchen. Overall, while there are advantages and disadvantages to modern Nigerian kitchen design, this style continues to be popular due to its functionality and visually appealing features that can add value to a home. One significant advantage of a modern Nigerian kitchen design is its functionality.

  • It’s also important to consider storage space for utensils, pots, pans, and cooking ingredients.
  • Ensure good ventilation with a quality range hood or extractor fan.
  • Appliances are a focal point in this kitchen designed by Steven Gambrel, outfitted with a custom hood, sink fittings by Waterworks, and kitchen counters in Calacatta Gold marble.
  • The growing interest in home cooking during has lead to the rise in interest in chef’s kitchens – how they are laid out, the appliances they include and their practicality-first design approach.
  • Practicing minimalism in the kitchen area does not call for sacrificing your skill to produce extraordinary meals.