Guide to Interior Design Styles: The 27 Styles You Should Know

Drape your kitchen window with a natural garland to add charm to a farmhouse kitchen that will make doing the dishes feel a little more festive, like this space from Finding Lovely. Decorate modern dining chairs with a bright-colored satin ribbon and natural greens, like this festive kitchen from John McClain Design. Craftberry Bush gave this living room a wintry Christmas feel by pairing white and gold decorations and ornaments mixed with fresh greens from the coffee table to the mantel. Turn leftover wallpaper into a decorative chain for the tree or to layer over a garland on the mantel.

Find stylish home decor and modern accents for any room of your home. Look for decorative pillows for sofas, chairs and loveseat to enhance modern home interior, sitting room decor, and add outdoor pillows to patio furniture to bring extra style to your garden or deck. Large circle mirrors, wall art decor, prints and original art gallery wall ideas to dress up empty your background and provide pops of color. Consider placing statement bowls and vases on console tables, side tables, bookcases or use them as kitchen decor by placing them on buffets for a polished finish. Use modern home decor and home accents to create a warm atmosphere with the flickering light of unscented candles and lanterns. Or, explore our buying guide on how to create a gallery wall to refresh your living room.

Layered Rugs

For the pièce de résistance of your fall harvest decor, why not consider the universal symbol of bounty? Give the season’s most recognizable motif an upgrade by lining the inside with velvet and filling the center with gold-painted nuts and pomegranates. Pluck a few transitional branches at their golden peak—just before they turn brown—and incorporate them into your autumnal arrangements. Paired with dahlias, the floral jewels of the season, they bring one of the most exciting parts of fall (foliage!) right into your home. From gourd garlands to painted pumpkins, these fall decorations will carry you from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Along with the blue and white stripe rug from Wayfair, our blue–focused patio seating area is fresh and interesting.

  • Though it seems like this is a mostly white living room, there’s more to it than meets the eye.
  • First is the concept of “Vastu Shastra,” which guides architecture and interiors based on ancient Hindu beliefs to create positive energy flow within a space.
  • Well, that’s when you can employ a little trick called “shop the house”.
  • It fit perfectly with our new look and now hangs proudly in our dining room.

Make sure you choose one with a frame that matches your room to create a cohesive look. We provide complete manufacturing and products sourcing service for various Bali home decor items and other Bali handicrafts. They are perfect for decorating homes, offices, villas, hotels whether for indoor or outdoor.

Neutral Harmony

The level of detail and precision achieved by skilled woodcarvers is truly awe-inspiring. Whether it’s a decorative room divider or a hand-carved headboard for your bed, incorporating wood carvings brings warmth, texture, and a touch of heritage to your home. Rugs are commonly used to define different areas within a room or to create a focal point. It is common to find larger rugs in living rooms and dining areas, while smaller rugs are used in bedrooms or hallways.

  • Look for an option that’s striking, but practical—after all, you still want to be able to check your reflection whenever you need to.
  • Bohemian style, also known as boho design style, has evolved into a modern day trend that describes a freespirited and lighthearted approach to home decor.
  • And if you have a passion for crafts, consider adding character to your home with creative DIY home decor projects or upcycling your pieces.