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Choose the right lighting fixtures to add an ambient glow to your living room. Tyler Karu Design + Interiors chose space-saving wall-mounted sconces in this coastal living room that add an ambient glow and double as decor. Classic urns planted with greenery will give a traditional porch a timeless and elegant feel. Crisp Architects placed large urns on the ends of this open front porch that define the space and add height. Crisp Architects installed a row of matching lighting from the ceiling of this long front porch to create a balanced feel and complement the wall sconces flanking the door. By incorporating these architectural elements into your home decor, you can create a space that reflects the grandeur and beauty of traditional Indian design.

  • To do this, hold the gourd steady by clamping it into a vise or to a tabletop.
  • “The standalone bathtub and the greenery add an organic feel, reminiscent of a tranquil beachside retreat,” Courtney Cole, interior designer at TileCloud, says.
  • Marcelo believes they set the tone and foundation in her projects.
  • Decorative hooks hold everything necessary for running out the door during spring showers, and a simple metallic shelf is just the right size for a small vase of freshly-picked blooms.
  • Suspend baskets, bunches of dried herbs or wildflowers, or strings of heady garlic from the beams, and gain yet another tactile bit of interest.

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy new furniture—you just need to fix up what you already have. Often, something as simple as a quick paint job can go a long way. Pair a bold accent chair with a small side table, and watch the spot become a focal point in your space. Tiles can make a striking addition to your floors and backsplashes, but those aren’t the only places worth putting them.

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Decorating vintage doesn’t mean all your decor has to be antique or vintage. Vintage home decorating can work with any design aesthetic, from modern to rustic country. “Using dining chairs as the pop of color is a great way to show a bold aesthetic even in a contemporary dining space,” says Beth Diana Smith, founder of Beth Diana Smith Interiors. “To achieve this look in an affordable way, you can reupholster your existing chairs or paint the frame of the chair which is a great DIY.” Caron Woolsey, founder and principal designer of CW Interiors, designed this stately older home with the juxtaposition of abstract art on parchment paper.

  • If nothing else, try moving your furniture into new locations and see the difference it makes on their appearance.For an easy, inexpensive way to freshen up a room, add throw pillows to your furniture!
  • Display the candles as a centerpiece or throughout your home to cast a warm glow all fall long.
  • In many cities, real wood-burning fires are prohibited so this is a great alternative.
  • Went to Bali on a mission to find a company that could help us refurbish our home.
  • Structural work demands a licensed architect or designer/builder as well as licensed contractors and skilled tradespeople.