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The interconnected tools will help you actualize your concepts from a broad picture to the minutiae of the details. The users of this software may create models from treehouses to intricate energy-efficient buildings and everything else in between. The design and development of organic solid-state luminescent materials stand as crucial pillars within the realm of contemporary photofunctional materials.


The receptor binding affinities of hGH-Tf fusion proteins were greatly altered with the linker insertion. The shortest dipeptide LE linker resulted in the lowest binding affinities for both hGH receptor and Tf receptor , while the longer and more rigid cyclo and 2 linkers generated higher receptor binding affinities . This result suggests that by adjusting the separation between domains via linker insertion, receptor binding affinity may be greatly altered due to the change in interdomain steric hindrance or interference. The in vivo cleavable linkers sensitive to proteases that become active under certain physiological or pathological conditions are found to be ideal for drug targeting. For example, Schulte constructed a recombinant coagulation factor IX -albumin fusion protein for the treatment of hemophilia B .

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The sleek and simple design of this house will appeal to everyone. Arai R, Ueda H, Kitayama A, Kamiya N, Nagamune T. Design of the linkers which effectively separate domains of a bifunctional fusion protein. The length of the rigid linkers can also have a major impact on protein bioactivity.