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The five most common kitchen plans include a one-wall kitchen, an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, or a kitchen with an island. Select a plan that optimizes your kitchen’s functionality and complements your home’s overall flow and design. Mix and match your cabinetry with metal, wood, glass, and stone for a highly personalized and stylish look. Use furniture groupings, such as a kitchen island with stools or bench seating, to delineate different areas within your open kitchen. This can create a natural focus while maintaining an open and connected feel.

  • Even though the soft blue and white cabinet hues in this kitchen are subtle, the design details are anything but.
  • It complements the beige walls adorned with wooden shelves, and large wooden structures housing the appliances.
  • In keeping with the buttoned up appearance of this kitchen from Michelle Berwick Design, a hidden pantry lit by the natural light from a window adds ample storage, and disappears behind cabinetry when not in use.
  • We know it’s nothing groundbreaking, but paler colors do make a small space feel bigger – it’s interior design 101.
  • It’s always a thrill when interior designers reveal their take on trends that are worth embracing.

The wall of glass-front cabinets and two big windows over the sink help the kitchen feel airy. Without heavy window treatments, sunlight has no trouble streaming into this kitchen. The intricate veining of this black marble backsplash is balanced out by the clean lines and warm color of wood cabinets. Matte black hardware ties in well with the drama of the backsplash and coordinates with the modern kitchen countertops. White subway tiles contrast with black countertops and cabinets in this U-shaped kitchen layout.

Modern Rustic Kitchen

This approach helps curate a space where items are easy to locate, access, and return, striking a balance between beauty and functionality. You may have considered a minimalist design for your new kitchen in light of the current global trend away from extravagance. Complete with only the necessities, this kitchen is perfect for any home.


Desiree Burns Interiors swapped storage drawers for base cabinetry in this one-wall kitchen for a modern user-friendly feel. Maydan Architects installed a sleek black and white one-wall kitchen with LED lighting on the wall opposite the living area, and traded a cumbersome island for a round floating table and chairs. For an elegant yet playful kitchen aesthetic, borrow some ideas from this beautiful space dreamed up by CM Natural Design. Fun patterns infuse a healthy dose of texture, while pale blue cabinetry, rattan pendant lights, and a restaurant-esque bench, table, and chairs make for an especially inviting dining area. But if you’re craving a little contrast, don’t be afraid to lean into it. Painting your cabinets a dark color will create a grounding effect in your kitchen.

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The wall ovens, range, and hood are all by Wolf, and the backsplash is made of nickel tile. AnUpper East Side duplex’s simple kitchen sparkles with white Corian cabinetry and counters—a combo that will never go out of style. Architect Steven Harris and designer Lucien Rees Roberts created the clean-lined space. A folk-art rooster from the 1800s overlooks a modernNew York City kitchen designed by Robert Passal.

  • Adding color to a kitchen can feel a bit intimidating at first, especially if you’re used to working with neutrals.
  • A gorgeous brass-accented stove stands out against the gray paint color, and white countertops and a pearl-shell backsplash brighten the kitchen while maintaining its streamlined aesthetic.
  • A ‘standard’ kitchen cabinet is usually 600mm wide ; we often start by plotting the room in terms of 600mm-wide sections simply to get some sense of scale.
  • And when it comes to materials, there are lots of affordable but beautiful options, like butcher block, laminate, and quartz countertops.