Of course, the aim is to choose the perfect landed interior design. However, the abundance of options can make everything a bit daunting. Homeowners soon find out that they have to pick between tons of styles. Every property we build, every project we undertake, is as individual as you are. By getting to know you, we can apply a personal touch to our custom designs to produce a living space that reflects your tastes and supports your lifestyle.

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  • Here we share common layout ideas for different areas of your home.
  • When she’s not busy writing, she can be found attending local concerts, exploring cafes, trying her hand at baking, or binge watching series.
  • The decorative screens create magical light play across the home interior.
  • We consider it as the most important aspect of having a stunning structure.
  • Renovating a landed property requires a different skillset as compared to renovating a condominium or an HDB unit in Singapore.

Diverse photos showing families happily interacting and entertaining convey welcoming warmth. A sunny poolside cocktail hints at relaxing weekends ahead. Create flexible visual assets that work across platforms. For example, a lifestyle photo that grabs attention on social media can also enhance a listing brochure or direct mail piece. The goal is visually represent properties and communities in the best possible light while aligning with a cohesive brand image. Here we share common layout ideas for different areas of your home.

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They can give you very professional advice, the best construction quality, the materials used are environmentally friendly and healthy, the price is fair, and they are very trustworthy. If you love your home as much as I do, choose zenith ARC. Alan Leong was my ID and we are very happy with his work. I was worried that COVID will delay the renovation process, but all his sub contractors are based in Singapore so the reno was not delayed at all.