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When styling your rustic bedroom, ensure that your bed is nice and plush—layer on the throw pillows and blankets to create a snug, retreat-like space in which to unwind from the day. Blue and white porcelain isn’t just for grandmillennials—those in rustic spaces appreciate this color scheme, too. Add hooks to the backs of some of your favorite plates and hang them on the wall so that they can double as art. There’s no need to settle for a basic coffee table when you can designate a rustic, wooden trunk to serve the same purpose. And as a bonus, the interior makes for an ideal spot to store blankets and extra throw pillow covers. A statement making chandelier like this one makes for a fabulous finishing touch in the dining room.

  • Here, a black and white floral pattern evokes spring along with a vase of bright yellow blooms.
  • Texas Prairie BungalowHill Country homes range from small bungalows to large impressive luxury homes each having its own unique style.
  • Swap in a pair of holiday curtains to give your living room an instant Christmas makeover, like these red-and-white plaid curtains from Wild Rose Country Home.
  • For the bedroom of this Panama City apartment, AD PRO Directory interior designer Paul Corrie went for an eclectic feel that speaks to its city.

The rest of the space he kept carefully curated with light ocean spray-colored jars on the craggy rock fireplace. “We complemented the beautiful ocean view of this home using a lot of coastal tones such as blues, grays, and neutrals,” Schaible says. This space embraced bold blues to keep with the home’s other seaside theme. Before you buy new furniture, see if you can repurpose something you already own. For instance, instead of splurging on nightstands, perhaps utilize mismatched chairs or floating shelves to get the job done and create a personalized bedroom design.

#4. Rustic Country Interior Decor

This bathroom gets a dose of boho style through a multi-colored striped shower curtain—the colors of which are emulated in the hand towels and vanity. An arched mirror and gold decals bring in a bit of glam, balanced out by natural woven baskets and wooden vases. There’s something about bohemian design that instantly relaxes and lightens up a space. The style, inspired by unconventional lifestyles and travel, abounds with layered colors, eclectic patterns, and playful textures. Shagun Khare is a freelance writer covering interior design, lifestyle, and culture.

  • Color – decide on a color scheme and implement this while selecting your furniture, wall colors, and other items throughout your home.
  • In addition to more vintage furniture, expect to see this played out in color trends such as clay and terracotta, as well as decorative items such as earthenware and ceramics.
  • When adorning your space with traditional Indian crafts, consider mixing different elements together harmoniously.
  • She used a large blue~patterned outdoor rug and pillows to bring in big punches of blue.
  • In addition to incorporating these architectural elements, it’s essential to pay attention to colors and materials used in Indian architecture.

Arrange fresh-picked flowers in a beautiful vessel, then keep the rest of your tablescape minimal. It’s especially fit for a coastal beach house, but even if you’re a few states away from an ocean, there’s no stopping you from adding this summery touch to your home. Small details—like the circular jute rug underfoot and matching table placemat—make the space feel cohesive with a unified theme. A woven planter and succulent-inspired poster also weave together botanical themes. A monochrome set of pillows and ottomans cozies up the seating, while a gallery wall behind—featuring macrame and abstract designs—hones in on the bohemian design. Matching orange drapes hang over the window while sunburst-style artwork adorns the walls—culminating in the space’s smile-inducing effect.

Black-and-White Graphics

When given attention, these little motifs can have an outsized impact. Plants make a no-fail addition to any space, and if you own one that’s particularly lush or massive, consider making it the focal point of your space. Keep the rest of your décor clean, and let your plant be your statement-maker, or simply use your favorite plants as complements to your other décor. Look up and consider whether your ceiling could use a makeover, too. Keep an eye out for spaces that are under-utilized and look for ways to make them work for you.


Traditional Indian homes feature elaborate wall decorations that celebrate spirituality, nature, and mythology. By adorning the walls with meaningful artwork and motifs, homeowners aim to fill their living spaces with positive vibrations. These intricately carved wooden panels, screens, furniture pieces, and statues make a bold statement in any room.