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These stable linkers covalently join functional domains together to act as one molecule throughout the in vivo processes. The stable linkage between functional domains provides many advantages such as a prolonged plasma half-life (e.g. albumin or Fc-fusions). Under these circumstances, cleavable linkers are introduced to release free functional domains in vivo. The design of in vivo cleavable linker in recombinant fusion proteins is quite challenging. Unlike the versatility of crosslinking agents available for chemical conjugation methods, linkers in recombinant fusion proteins are required to be oligopeptides.

  • Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, we’d like to finish off with a fun and free app – Kerkythea.
  • Shake things up and get creative, and make the most of your space.
  • They can also provide property listings for rent or sale and virtual property tours for prospective tenants or buyers.

In the present study, we propose a machine learning design system involving three features of machine learning modeling, compositional design and property prediction, which can accelerate the discovery of new materials. There exists a good consistency between the predicted and measured values for three alloys from literatures and two newly made alloys with designed compositions. Our results provide a new recipe to realize the property-oriented compositional design for high-performance complex alloys via machine learning. When it comes time to move into your next home, it benefits you—and the environment—to incorporate sustainable features.


Any structure with a large surface area is less energy-efficient, as the increased surface allows more heat to escape. An inexpensive and beautiful collection of modern & contemporary house plans that will help you build your dream house. It shows an easy way of adding doors and windows to your plans by a drag and drop option.

  • Similarly, cubes and spheres are more efficient than more irregular, spread out shapes.
  • A user’s experience level is a chief concern when choosing home design software.
  • These stable linkers covalently join functional domains together to act as one molecule throughout the in vivo processes.
  • Straight of the bat, you can create 3D layouts with this design tool and even include cross-sections and accurate dimensions to your project.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to design with precise measurements, thanks to GIS terrain data, providing accurate, high-clarity visual feed with 3″ per pixel detail.
  • She often works with clients to find the solar panels that work best for their home and energy bill budgets.