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She is honest, trustworthy, and extremely knowledgeable of the housing market, financial trends and localcommunities which makes her an invaluable resource. She will keep your needs as a top priority, and her level of responsiveness is impressive. I would highly recommend Christina and team for any of your Real Estate needs. Transform your property into a symbol of luxury and sophistication with our innovative building branding and design solutions. Position your real estate fund as a premier investment opportunity with our specialized luxury branding services. Craft a distinctive brand identity that resonates with the exclusivity and sophistication of luxury real estate.

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Our core values of kindness, empowerment, and MOXY drive everything we do. What impressed us most is how fast she responded to our questions and request, even after we moved in. She is also very organized and considerate, she put all our house purchasing document in our central place so it saved us a lot of time andtrouble.

Our Clients

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She knows the house inside out, and provided a lot of valuable information to us through the whole process. Elevate the brand presence of your commercial real estate ventures with tailored branding strategies that appeal to businesses and investors. Ultimately, by designing an eye-catching logo that sets your company apart from rivals in the long term, you’ll be on track for success in the property sector. Try different symbols or concepts like rooflines, keys, or city skylines for a unique look instantly recognisable as a real estate logo. “I did a lot of research to find the best space to expose my business and my listings, it was a very quick decision to join Luxury Presence.” I got in touch with them for the development of our Real Estate Agency website, I have to say that they provide an outstanding service to me and the team was very attentive to every single detail.