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The Brownstone Boys are known for their historic renovations, and they’re the ones to look at if you’re searching for inspiration on how to make your older home look good with your modern furniture. The light fixture and curved couch are obviously not from the same era as the ornate crown molding and the fireplace, but they contrast in an elegant way. This kid-friendly space in a San Francisco townhouse by Studio Plow proves a stylish living room can also be a play zone. Just keep a basket handy to stash the colorful toys you don’t want on display. Linda graduated from university with a First in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting.


Whether you opt for swings, chests, or diwans, traditional Indian furniture will truly transform your space into a regal haven. Blue and white porcelain isn’t just for grandmillennials—those in rustic spaces appreciate this color scheme, too. Add hooks to the backs of some of your favorite plates and hang them on the wall so that they can double as art. In rustic kitchens, cutting boards double as decor, and you don’t need to be a master chef to appreciate them. Install a hook-like system inspired by the one above to keep favorite pieces handy; when they’re not in use, they’ll add a welcoming, lived-in look to your cooking space.

of the Most Beautiful Living Room Ideas We’ve Seen

Show pieces or accent pieces are the perfect decoration items for study spaces, racks, table tops, and everywhere else that might benefit from a conversation starter. Pick a show piece that goes with the overall theme and tonality of your interior design. After that, move on to vases and glassware in a variety of textures that add that dose of earthy sophistication to your personal spaces. We suggest you invest in delightful statement furniture that can help turn any living space around. Add pillows and cushions with bright cushion covers for an added dose of fun. When decorating your home, also spend enough time on creating a thematically-seamless kitchen setup, with aesthetic crockeries, glassware, stemware, and bar accessories.

  • Design industry experts will review your work and provide you with detailed audio feedback, which you can use as you move on to further units in your interior decorating class.
  • Display them on shelves, walls, or tables to showcase the rich artistic heritage of Mexico and add a cultural touch to your interior.
  • So, this season we’re swapping ruby reds for pastel pinks, pistachios and purples to create a soft scheme.
  • Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly DIY project or decorating an elegant entertaining space, there are options to suit porches of any size or style.
  • Another option is to use color to unite objects that have no common thread.

Mary Patton Design paired forest green grasscloth with traditional white painted wainscoting on the bottom half of the walls that serve as a backdrop for midcentury modern furnishings and whimsical decor. Decorate the steps leading up to your porch with potted flowers and hurricane lanterns for a welcoming feel. Thistlewood Farms added color to the painted gray brick steps of this traditional black-and-white home with pink flowers. But you can swap in any color that you like, or change plants seasonally to change the look of your facade. Add flair to an outdoor seating area with a statement coffee table in an eye-catching shape or material.

Use Coastal Colors

Wonderfully wonky gallery walls have their place, but not in minimalist spaces. There’s an art to creating a minimalist space that still feels warm, inviting, and distinctly you. From carefully curated bookshelves to textured accessories and emphasizing architectural features, there are plenty of ways to create a calm, minimalist space. Once you have a whole home color palette selected and get the big stuff in place, the accents are all fun. And because they’re smaller and less costly, you can play around with different ones. A beautifully decorated home isn’t one that’s full to the brim with decor.

  • This unique Mexican style incorporated ornate doors, colorful facades, and religious artifacts.
  • Consider creating a dedicated wall display showcasing traditional masks and textiles, or curate a collection of hand-painted pottery to adorn your shelves.
  • The rug has a soft blue stripe, as well as a throw on the sofa.
  • Studio Peake chose shades of light blue and white in this London bathroom to complement ceiling wallpaper and added contrast with bright yellow painted half-shutters on the window by the tub.
  • Today’s boho-style interiors may be light, neutral, and decorated with plants, woven wall hangings, and wicker furniture.

In her current role, she explores everything from design trends and home tours to lifestyle product recommendations, including writing her monthly column, “What’s in My Cart.” Kelsey McGregor of Kelsey Leigh Design Co. loves to pair modern with vintage. The arched bookcase and oversized ottoman exude a clean, modern aesthetic, while the round brass chandelier, ceramic decor and landscape art add a vintage take.