Top 40 Kitchen Trends for 2023 That Our Editors Love

Desiree Burns Interiors used the same black stone on the backsplash, counters, and peninsula of this light-flooded kitchen that helps define the space. Cover your countertop with ceramic tiles for a budget-friendly makeover. Penny Layne covered the backsplash in the same tile, with a small frieze that adds a country-style decorative note to the kitchen. Here, a mix of elegant walnut and contemporary concrete structures with white accents finishes off the ideal tiny kitchen. These modern features together with plenty of light make this small kitchen shine.

  • Another key feature of modern Nigerian kitchen design is the use of technology in appliances, lighting, and ventilation systems.
  • This visual representation will help you understand the available space and how different elements can fit together.
  • Renovating a kitchen is expensive, so take a cue from Decorist designer, Baylee Floyd of Baylee Deyon Design, and go for a classic look you won’t tire of easily.
  • Customize your space to your heart’s desire with the Petit Brown Shaker cabinets, that offer warmth, versatility, and the inviting allure of golden brown wood.

‘As the kitchen tends to be the busy and bustling heart to the home, rather than a serene space, bright, warm, eye-catching wall colors can work perfectly,’ says Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore UK, director. Designing a kitchen is a fine balance of practicality and aesthetics – with the impact of the bulk of the cabinetry an important element to consider. Alongside the style of cabinetry, do consider its proportions and aim to create some sense of symmetry by placing key features, such as a chimney breast framing a range cooker, as a central piece. The specifics are going to be determined by the size and height of your room. ‘With a contemporary flush (flat-fronted) kitchen, think about whether you see yourself liking it in the future.

Industrial galley kitchen

Here, Hannah and Tyler added floor-to-ceiling black slab cabinetry for a sleek look that makes this bright space feel larger. The combination of the white and natural wood cabinets brightens up this kitchen design by Charlie Interior Design. The addition of metal open shelving, kitchen island legs, and stools adds an industrial-style touch. This kitchen by designer Mindy Gayer features bright, white upper cabinets and deep blue bottom cabinets. The two-toned kitchen design provides a polished look while the white upper cabinets reflect the natural light from outside making the space feel more open and airy.

  • Built by Hudson Furniture, all five pieces make excellent use of walnut wood, while the table is covered with acrylic.
  • Barrel-vaulted ceilings add a sense of subdued grandeur to thisrelatively humble 2000-square-foot Venice Beach pad.
  • Interior designer Kati Curtis says materials like distressed wood and wrought iron are often utilized together, complemented by a warm and inviting color palette that emphasizes earth tones, neutrals, and pastels.
  • For example, you can pair sleek, modern appliances with traditional wooden cabinetry or shelving.
  • ‘A versatile lighting scheme is a must-have for today’s multi-functional kitchen.
  • This works particularly when you are looking for kitchen flooring ideas – the brick look of this herringbone flooring is spot on.

When designing a kitchen with Japanese style elements, it’s important to pay attention to the details. Simple and elegant design elements such as Shoji screens, sliding doors, and tatami mats can be integrated to create an authentic Japanese ambiance. These traditional Japanese elements can be paired with modern appliances for a balance of tradition and contemporary functionality.

Lifestyle and Cooking Habits

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