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When mixed with new decor and antiques, vintage styling will help you create visual displays that are unique and eye-catching. Large-scale florals are a modern take on the flowery wallpapers of old. Anchor the seating area on a large covered porch with an area rug. Emily Henderson Design chose a neutral gray rug to complement natural wood flooring and white painting railings, columns, and beadboard ceilings. A pair of matching sofas and a large coffee table create a convivial spot for hanging out with family or entertaining.

  • Asian decor styles often complement each other, allowing for a harmonious blend of elements.
  • Again, no one has an unlimited budget, so knowing ahead of time that there are some things you will need to compromise on is going to save your sanity.
  • Not to mention we offer a money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty if you’re not convinced our homeware will stand the test of time.
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  • The harmonious blend of red and gold not only honors Chinese traditions but also adds a touch of opulence, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere steeped in cultural significance.

If you are looking for clever decorating ideas, useful home decor tips or simple home ideas to make your house feel homey and look beautiful, these rooms, and accompanying expert advice, are for you. And we will keep adding more home decor inspiration so that you can continue to perfect your interior design skills. To ensure your home decor has longevity, we have garnered expert tips, ideas, inspiration and advice from interior designers and the Homes & Gardens team. Instagram @karahomelivingstoreCapturing the boho charm that defines Bali’s villas, hotels, and cafes, Kara Home Living is a haven for those seeking to infuse their homes with the essence of Bali. Rattan placemats, woven baskets, and other trinkets serve as memoirs of sunsets by pristine beaches and encounters with endless paddy fields.

Mixing & Matching Styles

Ghislaine Vinas hung colorful dinner plate artwork on the wall of this colorful contemporary dining room that takes full advantage of the room’s towering ceiling height. An oversized dried floral arrangement adds an earthy natural note to this neutral-toned nursery from Little Crown Interiors. A bedroom is meant to be an escape from the wild world, so consider minimal accessories all in calming sepia tones, like creams, beiges, and mocha browns. That color palette, whichBecca Interiors utilized in this bedroom, creates a guaranteed zen zone.

Hang a gallery wall of landscapes as part of your spring cleaning to enjoy all year. A group of unframed originals looks cohesive and makes a subtle statement, especially when paired with an arrangement of fresh blooms. Get a bolder look with more vibrant paintings or decorative frames. Floral prints might seem a bit cliche when it comes to spring decorating, but there are plenty of ways to make botanical patterns work with any design style. Here, a deer painting gives a floral headboard and leafy throw pillows a charming country cottage feel.