Vintage Décor Inspiration: Top 20 Treasures & Stunning Styling Tips


Art Nouveau, with its focus on natural forms and flowing lines, had a transitional presence in Mexico. It made its influence known through decorative wall treatments, stained glass, and door and window canopies. Incorporating Art Nouveau elements into your Mexican-inspired decor can add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Every esteemed home decor connoisseur will advocate for the transformative power of plants in interior design. They bring an unmatched vitality to your space and seamlessly infuse the touch of nature that makes your interiors feel refreshing and lively.

  • Their interiors are usually a neutral monochromatic palette of authentic chalky whites, muted grays, and blues, with a touch of warm browns.
  • Incorporate a variety of plants with interesting textures and colors, then pair with a vintage botanical print.
  • Fhillips had the iconic custom Jackie O-designed sofas recreated with help from Total Refit, LLC.; they are covered in Perennials fabric.
  • In this Parisian living room from Caroline Andréoni Interior Design, built-in bookshelves flanking the period fireplace are wallpapered in a dark pattern that adds subtle interest and dimension.
  • But painting the frames themselves in a palette of similar hues and hanging them sans artwork allows the shapes, details, and craftsmanship to become the art.

Lay the panels horizontally to create the illusion of a bigger space or vertically if you have higher ceilings in the room for a simple way to add creativity and uniqueness to your home. Focal point – ensuring a room has a focal point brings together all of the other design elements of your space. Fireplaces, furniture, and windows are all common focal points. Color – decide on a color scheme and implement this while selecting your furniture, wall colors, and other items throughout your home. With an endless array of options, you’ll be able to express your creativity and put your personal touch on your living space. With these 15 Asian decor ideas, your home becomes a canvas of timeless elegance and cultural richness.

Paint a Half Wall

If you need help choosing colors for your home, here’s how to choose paint colors. No matter how beautiful a space – how gorgeous its bones or decor – it will NOT look good if it’s cluttered. And finally, plan for a little cushion room in the budget, especially if you’re doing any renovations. Even if you’re only buying decor, adding a buffer of 10% to the overall budget can really help cushion you, should pricing change, etc. Make adjustments to your wish list based on when you want to finish decorating andhow much you can have saved in that time.


Check out these wall decor ideas for every room that will inspire you to give your own blank walls a little love. Choose a few statement pieces to become the focal point, or introduce a variety of textures to create depth. A few meaningful pieces of art or pops of color can be layered into a minimalist space too. White, wood, and black are a winning color combination for any minimalist space, and M.E.