10 best places for furniture and homeware shopping in Bali


Granted, the entirety of Apparatus CEO Gabriel Handifar’s Manhattan apartment is luxurious. But one easy takeaway from the stunning loft space that you could use in your own home? By incorporating a sculptural fixture by the bedside, the boundaries of the room are defined and accented. Do the same, and your guests just might need to sit down for the big reveal.

This breezy living room features accessories that can easily transition to summer as the weather heats up. Pink and metallic throw pillows match the neutral woven rug, adding layers of texture to the space. The sky-blue side table pairs well with the various shades of blue in the art prints featured in a gallery wall.

Put an Accent Wall in Your Shower

You don’t want the light from a fire to be a source of illumination. There’s no set rule that dictates you must have a traditional fixture in a traditional room just as there is no real reason that lamps — safely installed — need to be quarantined to the usual spots. An unexpected element like an ornate chandelier over a country table or a hanging pendant lamp with a pale silk shade by a chintz-covered chaise just increases the dynamics. Matching the style of the room to the style of the fixture, though, will help focus and narrow your search. An electrician’s labor is fairly expensive so it’s backward economy to buy anything less than the best quality and most wanted fixtures you can afford.

  • Or, embrace your favorite interior design style, whether it’s farmhouse, boho, eclectic or strays a bit maximalist.
  • Switch out modern hardware for vintage designs with antiqued finishes, source salvaged light fittings with old-school charm and load up your shopping basket with baskets in every weave imaginable.
  • A painted antique bench in a lighter shade carries the color throughout the space.
  • Outdoor Space with Kitchen AreaTexas decorating ideas can also include your outdoor spaces.
  • Don’t shy away from painting your personality on the canvas of your interior decoration.