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Not all crops come in the autumnal reds, oranges, and muted earth tones of tradition. Bring in new colors and textures to the dinner table with heads of cabbage. Hollow out whole cabbages with a paring knife and spoon, and use them to hold appetizer dips. Then, wrap the remaining leaves around glasses to hold crudités, cheeses, and breadsticks. Despite their deep red color and October seasonality, pomegranates are an often overlooked fall fruit. Here, they’re earning their due by serving as the inspiration for these chic table decorations.

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  • You can opt for a traditional, modern, bohemian, or minimalist style and ensure it reflects your personality.
  • Though these pieces are nostalgic and reminiscent of spring past, seasonal decorating doesn’t always have to detract from the current design of your home.
  • Tie the outside with the interior, using greenery and other natural elements, as well as touches of floral and metal accent pieces.

The overall objective is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects the rich traditions of India. Incorporating traditional Indian lamps and lanterns into your home decor can instantly elevate its aesthetic appeal while preserving its cultural roots. Let the soft glow of traditional Indian lighting transport you to a world of beauty and elegance. In Indian culture, walls hold a special place as they are believed to emit energy and influence the overall ambiance of a space. Therefore, wall decor is considered not just an aesthetic choice but also a way to bring positive energies into the home.

Corrie’s Ryan Thomas’ timeless stair runner instantly creates a ‘statement look’ in a hallway, say experts

A collection of varying taper candles nestled together looks sophisticated and simple at once. You can even incorporate metal candlesticks to create more dimension. To further ground the vignette, place your candles on a wood or glass tray. Proudly displaying your decorated pumpkins is an autumn rite of passage. This season, Morris suggests trying a no-carve pumpkin versus carving. The “ghost painting challenge” is a fun trend circulating on social media right now, and it’s a whimsical way to incorporate a little Halloween spirit into your space.

Decorate your bathroom with wallpaper to make it feel polished and inviting. Kate Marker Interiors paired shiplap half walls and a freestanding sink with woodland-themed wallpaper in this modern farmhouse powder room for a homey feel. Styling vintage wooden shifters is another great way to add texture to your spaces. Whether you hang them on the wall, from a peg board, or set them on a table, they are sure to add vintage charm to your decor.

Floral Wallpaper Ideas

Make an impact in a minimalist all-white space by decorating it in shades of green and gold. From the front door to the entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and beyond, there are ideas to suit every space and style. Chaumien suggests choosing “dark greens and blues, burgundy, brown, and gray.” She also says to refrain from changing everything in your home; instead, swap out a few accessories. Discover basic design materials such as wood, ceramic, plaster and stone, and learn how they can be used in different rooms for a variety of functional and aesthetic effects.

Choose an off-white angular couch and layer it with handwoven throw blankets and pillows in neutral shades and diverse textures for a cozy, lived-in feel. A contrasting color palette of vibrant hues can liven up your space like no other! In this setup, an emerald green couch is electrified by orange throw pillows, orange poufs, and an orange Persian rug. Under the warmth of a large bamboo pendant light, this Boho-style living room shines with a spacious reclaimed wood coffee table at its center. The soft white angular couch welcomes relaxation with white pillows and a fluffy throw blanket. The apartment, the home of a self-made billionaire and his wife, is located in a new building on Altamount Road, aptly known as Mumbai’s Billionaires’ Row.